Voor The Graphic was Jan Hoynck van Papendrecht jarenlang een vaste illustrator. Hieronder enkele voorbeelden hiervan:

Dit is een voorbeeld van een bijlage bij The Graphic. Studies of the British Army: divine service on Sunday in Bulford Camp, Salisbury Plain.


Hiernaast een illustratie gedateerd 6 oktober 1900. The manoeuvres on Salisbury Plain: a welcome rest at midday.




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Illustraties van Hoynck in The Daily Graphic, 1890 -1907


22 februari  artikeltje over Burning of a theatre at Amsterdam

  • The burning of the Communal Theatre, Amsterdam [13 x 7cm]
  • The burning of Amsterdam Theatre: Ruin of the pediment [6 x 13cm]


6 september  Illustraties bij artikel over The German Manoeuvres

  • A private fetching his new coat and white trousers from the regimental store [7 x 11 cm]
  • A private of the Empress`s Augusta’s Own preparing for the review          [7 x 17 cm]

Illustraties bij Preparations for the “Sedan day” before the German Emperor  review

  • Returning from a rehearsal of the Grand Military Tattoo [19,5 x 16 cm]
  • Waiting to take Hessian Dragoons back to their dinner  [13 x 10 cm]


  • The “Sedan Day” review before the German Emperor at Treves: the Emperor leading the Empress Augusta Grenadiers past the Empress.
  • (From a sketch by our Special Artist*) (See page 8) [20 x 14 cm]
  • The German Army manoeuvres: halt of an ambulance cart. [19,5 x 14 cm]
  • 11 september The German Army Manoeuvres (See page 12) [ 13 x 18 cm]
  • A general in undress  [13 x 11]
  • An engineers`wagon [13 x 7cm]


  • A military cyclist [6 x 9 cm]
  • Sick privates going home from the front by rail [13 x 10 cm]
  • Cuirassiers halting [13 x 11 cm]

13 september

  • Artikeltje bij The German Army Manoeuvres: The battle of Busendorf-Reconnoitring by balloon [20 x 12 cm]


  • An infantry private in marching order  [9 x 13,5 cm]

22 september Illustraties bij artikel over The German Army Manoeuvres /Reservists homeward bound

  • The military manoeuvres on the continent: German soldiers on their way home by rail [13 x9 cm]
  • A German Army Colour Bearer [7 x 11cm]


  • The military manoeuvres on the continent: German army reservists           [13 x 13cm]


8 juni Illustraties bij artikeltje over The last days of the Excellent

  • H.M.S. Excellent, now being broken up at Rotterdam: view from the gangway looking forward [13 x 20 cm]
  • The last of H.M.S. Excellent. Now being broken up at Rotterdam (See page 5) [13 x 10cm]

Illustraties bij The stoppage of emigrant traffic to America

  • Families on the way to the docks [13 x 9cm]
  •  Hoping against Hope: The crowd streaming to the Docks (aantekening HvP 9 september 1892) [20 x  12cm]

14 augustus Illustraties bij artikel over The Dutch Army Manoeuvres/The Pontonniers and their work

  • A bugler of the Pontonniers in his wet-water dress [7 x  8 cm]
  • The summer manoeuvres of the Dutch Army: the first stage in the making of a bridge by the “Pontonniers”.  [19,5 x 15,5 cm]


  • The summer manoeuvres of the Dutch Army: sketches with the “pontonniers” during the operations on the river Yssel [20 x 12 cm]

The summer manoeuvres of the Dutch Army: the “pontonniers”on land and water [26 x 11 cm]

  • The pontoon train on the march [13 x11 cm]
  • Ferrying hussars across the river Yssel [13 x 11 cm]
  • Adding a compartment of four pontoons during the construction of a new bridge. [19,5 x 7,5 cm]


2 oktober Illustraties bij artikeltje over The Dutch military manoeuvres

  • In reserve  [13×10 cm]
  • The training of the Dutch army: Sketches at the recent military manoeuvres in Holland: Infantry on the march [13 x 15 cm]


  •  A field telephone [13 x 12 cm]
  • The training of the Dutch army: incidents at the recent military manoeuvres in Holland (see Page 5) 
  • A military picnic [13 x 9 cm]
  • Infantry halt for refreshment [13 x 8 cm]

Beide tekeningen vormen één geheel

8 oktober Artikeltje bij The Dutch military manoeuvres

The autumn manoeuvres of the Dutch Army (See page 5) [19,5 x 31,5 cm]

– The old cap and the new [9,5 x 12 cm]

– A trumpeter of the horse artillery [10 x 12 cm]

– A umpire, his aide-de-camp, and his orderly [13 x 12,5 cm]

– Infantry fortifying a position [13 x  7cm]


– Field artillery under cover [19,5 x 13,5 cm]

– Drummers of the colonial contingent [11 x  6,5cm]

– A general in manoeuvre-order [6,5 x11 cm]

– Provendor [6,5 x 11cm]

[Deze twee tekeningen vormen één geheel 13 x 11cm]


1 september The army manoeuvres the fight on the Fox Hills                 – –  – Serg Major Scots Guards (handschrift JHvP) [26 x 21 cm]

7 september Groot artikel over he Army Manoeuvres/ Big fight on the Fox Hills/A Surrey Sedan (From our Special Representative*)

9 september

– The army manoeuvres at Aldershot: (see page 10) [19,5 x 25 cm]

– Waiting for the advance [19,5 x14 cm]

–  Viewing the operations from Caesar`s Camp [19,5 x11   cm]


  • Lord Methuen watching the enemy advance [6 x 8 cm]
  • A group of Scots Greys [13 x 9,5cm]


12 augustus Illustraties bij artikel Military Manoeuvres in Holland Cavalry swimming practice (From a Netherlands Correspondent*)

  • Cavalry manoeuvres in Holland: Experimenting with the Berthon boat (Sketched by our Special Artist*)  [26,5 x 11,5 cm]
  • Swimmers of duty [13 x 9,5 cm]
  • Taking the boat across [13,5 x 9,5 cm]
  • Swimming in the Dutch army: cavalry at river crossing practice
  • Horses overtaking the Berthon boat [13 x 5 cm]
  • An officer swims across fully dressed and booted (2e lt Reigersberg Versluys handschrift HvP) [13 x  13,5 cm]
  • An officer, his dog, and his horse (1e Lt. Meyer handschrift JHvP)             [13 x 7 cm]
  • Cavalry manoeuvres in Holland : saddling after crossing the river         [19,5 x 12 cm]

NB: de laatste vier tekeningen staan afgedrukt op één pagina, i.c. 5.

31 augustus  The Sussex Manoeuvres: Scenes in Aldingbourne Camp

  • Quarter guard of the 2nd Battalion Northumberland Fuseliers                 [20 x  11 cm]
  • Cooks of the Sussex Regiment [20 x 13,5 cm]

Beide tekeningen vormen één geheel.

2 september

Illustratie bij artikel The Army Manoeuvres in Sussex A day of “vast surprises” (From our special correspondent*)

  • The Thistle and the Shamrock: Seaforth Highlanders and Royal Irish Fusiliers advancing to the attack in the battle of Bignor Hill, Sussex (Sketched by our Special Artist*) [26,5 x 12cm]

3 september Illustraties bij artikel The army manoeuvres in Sussex A day of marching and countermarching (From our special correspondent*) Arundel

  • Men of the 2nd battalion King`s Shropshire Light Infantry watching the bridge at Arundel- assumed to have been destroyed. (Getekend op 1 september te Arundel ) [13,5 x 10 cm]
  • The retirement of the Guards [20 x 8,5 cm]
  • The war in Sussex: The 83rd Field Battery (Blues) in position on Amberley Mount [26 x 13 cm]

6 september The Sussex Army manouevres A cavalry day The closing show (From our special correspondent*) [13 x 7,5 cm]

  • Taking the pontoons down Amberley Hill
  • The fighting Fifth  [19,5 x 9,5 cm]
  • “None but the brave deserve the fair”: Junior staff officers explaining the situation  (Sketched by our Special Artist at the Sussex maoeuvres*) (See page 5) [19,5 x 10 cm]

War sketches from Sussex: Bridging operations at Amberley

  • Infantry and Hussars crossing the Arun by the pontoon bridge

[ 19,5 x 11, 5 cm]


  • The army manoeuvres at Aldershot: athletic sports in camp                  [19,5 x 17 resp. 15 cm]
  • With the Army Service Corps in the Sussex Manoeuvres:  A rest by the way (sketched by our Special Artist*) (See page 3) [19,5 x 15,5 cm]
  • The Sussex manoeuvres: Scenes in Aldingbourne Camp (Sketched by our Special Artist*) (See page 3) Cooks of the Sussex Regiment                    [19,5 x 13,5 cm]
  • Quarter guard of the 2nd Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers                [19,5 x 11 cm]
  • A scout of the 1st Royal Dragoons [13 x 10,5 cm]
  • War sketches from Sussex (By our Special Artist*)                         Highlanders awaiting the attack [19,5 x11 cm]
  • War sketches from Sussex (Sketched by our Special Artist*)
  • Field artillery in Reserve [19,5 x 13 cm]
  • Household Cavalry [13 x 8 cm ]
  • Field Artillery in position on Wepham Down [13 x 10 cm]
  • The war in Sussex: The 83rd Field Battery (Blues) in position on Amberley Mount (Sketched by our Special Artist*)  [26 x 13 cm]

27 september Queen Wilhelmina and her Army  

            Review on her troops 21 september

  • The kettledrums of the 1st Hussars [7 x 6,5 cm]
  • -Queen Wilhelmina on horseback, before the march past [6 x 13 cm]
  • Engineers trench digging [13 x 10 cm]
  • Foreign attachés watching the manoeuvres Major Haillot (French) Colonel Muller (Russian) Staff officer Colonel Wheeler (United States)

[19,5 x11 cm]

  • Infantry in ambush  [19 x 9 cm]

Alle bovenstaande tekeningen staan op één pagina, i.c. pagina 4.

Ongedateerd Queen Wilhelmina and her Navy: sketches on the press boat during the royal review in Holland Deep (By our Special artist *)

  • A fair correspondent from England who wants to know all about the Dutch navy [9,5 x 11 cm]
  • In the stern of the Press boat [13 x 12 cm]
  • Sailor armed for shore service /Sailor armed as gunner, with cutlass and revolver  [6,5 x 11 cm]
  • Scene during the Queen`s visit to the Zeeland  [19,5 x 11 cm]
  • Marine saluting officer /Marine saluting Royalty  [ 6,5 x 13 cm]

Alle vijf tekeningen staan op één pagina

The new reign in Holland: The Zuider Zee at te Amsterdam festivities (Sketched by our Special Artist*)  A family group from Marken / Other visitors from Marken / Little girls from Bunschoten / A boat from Bunschoten                            [19,5 x 15,5 cm]


3 mei  The Yeomen of the Guard*: Inspection of the Corps at the Tower of London yesterday [19,5 x 15,5 cm]

* Met correctie HvP:  Wardens of the Tower


25 augustus  The training on Salisbury Plain: A field day at Bulford Camp (Sketched by our special Artist*)

  • Looking out for the enemy  [16 x 14,5 cm]
  • Two Northumberland Fusiliers heliographing [10 x14,5 cm]

Met de volgende tekst: ( They wear khaki uniform and sun-helmets, having just come home from Crete. Nearly all the men have the two medals for the Ondurman Campaign, waring only the ribbons on their jackets)

  • General Catacre explaining a field day scheme to the Commanding Officers of his division. [19,5 x 10 cm]
  • The training on Salisbury Plain: sketches from our special artist* at Bulford Camp
  • The “Old and Bold Fighting Fifth” Northumbeland Fusiliers in action

[26 x 11,5 cm]

  • 26 augustus The training on Salisbury Plain: With the artillery and engineers(Sketches by our Special Artist*)

A battery of Royal Artillery in action [9,5 x 7,5 cm]

  • Enemy`s cavalry in sight: Royal Engineers ready to defend their balloon

[10 x7,5 cm]

  • Balloon detachment of the Royal Engineers getting their balloon ready

[13 x 18, 5 cm]

  • The march past [13 x 7,5 cm]
  • The conference after the fight [13 x 9,5 cm]

N.B.: Met potlood aantekening Hoynck onder 3e officier staand van links:

Capt Cox N. S. Wales Lancers (New South Wales Lancers vochten ook tijdens de Boer War)

30 augustus 

  • Guard tents and guard of 5th Battalion Rifle Brigade ( In the distance is Salisbury Hill, with its Roman Camp (getekend in Bulford Camp 25 augustus) [20 x13 cm]
  • The training on Salisbury Plain: The Maxim Gun of the Royal Berkshire Regiment [19,5 x 10 cm]
  • The training on Salisbury Plain: Sketches by our Specia Artist* (See page 3)

Officers of the 4th Battalion (Militia) North Staffordshire Regiment watching the operations / Guarding the regimental safe [13 x 12 cm]  – 4th Battalion North Staffordshire Regiment [13 x 12 cm]

31 augustus The end of a wet field day: Men of the 4th Manchester Regiment marching back to Bulford Camp (Sketched by our Special Artist*)

  • Some of the men have turned down the flaps of their caps as a protection gainst the rain (Getekend 29 augustus  Bulford Camp)

[19,5 x 17,5 cm]

1 september The training of Salisbury Plain: Lieut-General Sir Charles Mansfield Clarke and Staff.

2 september  

The training on Salisbury Plain: The Scots Guards lining a hedge            [19,5 x 16 cm]

15 september  Off to natal Sketches of the “Old and Bold”

  • The Northumberland Fusiliers at Aldershot: paying out in Ash Camp [ 19,5 x 18 cm]/ A private of the “Old and Bold” [6,5 x 15 cm]


Leaving for Natal tomorrow “The “Old and Bold fighting Fifth” at musketry practice at the Ash rifle range                                 (getekend september 1899)  [19,5 x 15 cm]

“Making provision for eventualities” : the “Old and Bold” leaving the Government siding at Aldershot for Natal     {26 x 17,5 cm]                                  (getekend 10 (?) september 1899)


 The “Black Hussars” of the Empress  The Prussian “Death or Glory” boys  Tekst

  • Drill order [3 x 15 cm]
  • Review order [4 x 12 cm]


19 april  Queen Wilhelmina`s soldiers of the garrison of The Hague                 (See page 13)

  • A cycling officer and his sword [12 x6,5 cm]/ Another method of carrying a sword [6,5 x8 cm]/ The correct method of attaching the sword to the bicycle [6,5 x8 cm]/ Studies in coats and capes [6,5 x 8,5 cm]

[Deze collage meet 19,5 x 16,5 cm]

  • Cavalry officers [6,5 x 12 cm]

NB: Met een streep van Hoynck door het woord Cavalry Officers. Het zijn namelijk geen officieren maar een artillerist met zijn talpa en huzaar.

  • The Queen of the Netherlands among her people: Her Majesty with the Prince Consort walking to her mother`s palace at The Hague. [19,5 x 18 cm]

19 mei   The illness of the Queen of Holland: reading the bulletin at a newspaper office at The Hague [19,5 x 15,5 cm]

27 juni  The postponement of the coronation: the troops in Kensington Gardens striking tents to return to their provincial depots [26,5 x 19,5 cm]


With the colonial troops: Light refreshments at one of the bars in the Alexandra Palace  [19,5 x 10 cm]

30 juni Lancers of the Singapore Bodyguard at the Alexandra Palace

(See page 8) 

  • Private in full dress / Sergeant- Major 2x [11,5 x16 cm]
  • Brightening the days of disappointment: West African Troopers listening to the band at the Alexandra Palace  [13 x 11,5 cm]
  • A glimpse of the Queen : A sketch outside Buckingham Palace before yesterday`s review (getekend juli ) [13 x16,5 cm]


Indian representatives at the coronation : officers and men of the Cashmere Regiments, Imperial Service Troops

  • A corporal of the Dogra Infantry in khaki uniform [6,5 x19 cm]
  • Sergeant of the 1st Cashmere Infantry wearing medals [6 x17 cm ]
  • Lancer in native dress/ Officer in native dress [13 x16,5 resp. 13 cm]

The warriors of the Empire

  • On a sightseeing tour [12,5 x 7 cm]
  • A quiet game [19,5 x 18 cm]
  • His “customary attitude”  [6,5 x9 cm]
  • The King`s Indians: Pathans of the Punjab Infantry in native dress and uniform (see page 1) Studiying their “D.G.”/ Pathan in full dress                 [19,5 x 16 resp25 cm]

3 juli

Coronation Contingents: Types of troops at the reviews

  • Private, West African Frontier Force- Full dress / Bugler, Sierra Leone Frontier Force – Full dress / Sergeant Malay States Guides

[19,5 x 16,5 cm]

  • Drill order [3,5 x 17 cm]
  • Private in native dress [4,5 x 15 cm]

8 augustus The Warriors of the Empire

  • Rajput / Cashmere / Pathan ( 20th Punjab) / 1st Brahman Infantry / 1st Madras Pioneers / 1st Bombay Lancers  (Portretstudies) [19,5 x 7 cm]

14 augustus Our Indian soldiers tekst

The King`s Indians: Men of the 38th Dogra Infantry who were present at yesterday`s review. (See page 1)  In native dress / In full dress / In native dress

[19,5 x 15,5 cm]


  • Under fire [19,5 x 9 cm]

6 september  The German Army I.- The Garde-Jäger tekst

  • The “Garde Jäger”: March past drill under cover [19,5 x 12,5 cm]/ The ordinary step [13 x9 cm]

Practising the march past: The bandmaster of the “Garde Jäger” timing the steps during the drill [19,5 x13 cm]

  • The German Guards Army Corps: The uniform of the Jäger battalion, showing the badger skinned knapsack [13 x 18,5 cm]


The Prussian Guards: Further sketches of the Jäger Battalion The pet of the regiment / The regimental badge [13 x15,5 resp. 9,5 cm] NB: Hoynck heeft de term petdogs doorgestreept en er bij geschreven one of the wandogs (?)

  • The crack battalion of the German Army: The “Garde Jäger” at rifle practice [19,5 x 16,5 cm]
  • A private [6,5 x 17 cm] NB: Hoynck heeft private doorgestreept en met potlood sergeant bijgeschreven.

The German Army II The Prussian Guards tekst

8 september  The Empress Elizabeth`s Guard Regiment: Target firing in rainy weather [19,5 x17 cm]

Privates of the Garde du Corps regiment  In review order (origineel collectie JACB) [6,5 x 20 cm]/ Dressed for Court duty [6,5 x20 cm] NB Eèn tekening.

9 september  The German Army III Cuirassiers of the Guard (From a military correspondent*) tekst

  • The German Army: Cuirassiers of the Guard lined up for review              [19,5 x15 cm] In tekening: Berlin 1900
  • The cuirassiers of the Guard: private of the regiment in review order with overcoat [13 x 20 cm]


  • Private of the Cuirassiers of the Guards on sentry duty [7 x20 cm]
  • Cuirassiers of the Guard :  Private in review order (See page 4)
  • [19,5 x 24,5 cm]

10 september The German Army IV King Edward`s Prussian Regiment (From a military correspondent*) Tekst

  • Sketches of the Prussian Guards (See page 4)  bestaande uit

Grenadier drummer in Review Order /   Private of the Foot Guards in marching order / Foot drill in the Uhlan regiment [19,5 x 12, 5 cm]


  • The German Army: King Edward`s Prussian Dragoon Guards taking part in a state ceremony (Getekend in Berlijn) [19,5 x 23 cm]

Bovenaan tekening : The Kaiser and some of his staff / Battalion with band and colour. Coulour of a Fusilier Battalion / Colour of a Grenadier Battalion /Officer of the Garde du Corps.

Beneden : Private of the Railway Regiment / A group / Homeward bound / dragoon of King Edward`s Regiment

  • Private of the Garde Uhlan regiment in full dress (review order)

[6,5 x 19 cm]

  • The German Army : The Grenadier Guard Regiment at Infantry Drill (See page 4)


– Bugler of Foot Guards regiment in Review Order [6,5 x20 cm]

– The Prussian Guards: The Jäger Battalion at rifle practice in the wood (getekend in 1901) [19,5 x14,5 cm]


9 april The Labour troubles in Holland: Soldiers guarding a railway level crossing (See page 5)  [ 19,5 x 14 cm]

Verwijzing naar pagina 5 tekst The Dutch strikes Railway men resuming work  Failure of the baker`s strike .

Their mid-day meal: Dutch soldiers on strike duty (See page 5) [13 x 14 cm]

Guarding  a railway station: A private of the 1st Battalion of the Dutch Grenadiers Guards loading his magazine rifle [13 x 14 cm]

The Dutch railway strike: A temporary guard room [13 x12,5 cm]

17 juni The Parliament of Peace: The word`s delegates meeting in the Knight’s Hall of the Brimnehof (sic) at The Hague [19,5 x16,5 cm]


The Parliament of Peace: some of the military attendants on the conference at The Hague (Sketched by our Special artist*)

  • Sentries guarding the approach to the house in the Wood

[12,5 x 14, 5 cm]

  • On sentry duty at the entrance gate/ A military cyclist ready to carry telegrams from the House in the Wood (zie artikeltje) [14 x 14,5 cm]
  • NB: deze tekeningen zijn naast elkaar afgedrukt.


29 januari The Dutch Royal Jubilee Tekst

  • The big drum – an important factor at a tattoo [6,5 x 9cm]
  • The military tattoo at The Hague: Drums of the Civic Guard before the Dowager Queen`s Palce (See page 5) [19,5 x 15 cm]
  • Serenading the Dowager Queen of Holland:The massed bands taking part in the Grand Military Tattoo [19,5 x 16, 5 cm]
  • The Dutch Royal Jubilee:  The military Tattoo outside the Dowager Queen’s Place at The Hague  – links boven: Drummer of the Grenadiers
  • [13 x18 cm]

April (niet nader gespecificeerd)

Manoeuvres in Holland  Tekst

  • Cavalry manoeuvres in Holland: Horse Artillery crossing the river IJssel

  [19 x 14 cm]

  • Cavalry manoeuvres in Holland: ussars seizing a postion at an old windmill [12,5 x17,5 cm]

4 april Cavalry Manoeuvres in Holland: Hussars guarding a bridge                      [20 x 14, 5 cm]

4 juli  William III and The Hague The Leyden Student`s Pageant Tekst

  • The Leyden University Festival: “The decoration of the Duke of Brunswick with the Order of the Garter” represented by the students in the replica of Hampton Hall [26,5 x16,5 cm]

1 juli Seventeenth Century England in Holland: The Pageant representing the entry of King William III into The Hague, given in celebration of the anniversary of the founding of Leyden University

Bovenaan tekening: The Elector of Brandenburg – Count Palffy- The Earl of Portland – Spanish officer- Prince of Kurland- The Earl of Monnouth

Onderaan :  Types of hats – Swiss Guards – Sir Thomas – Sir George- The King`s coach – Pages  [19,5 x 26 cm] NB: Hele pagina


3 februari The English church in Amsterdam Tekst

  • The entrance gate into the court in which the church stands [6 x 12 cm]
  • Details of the lectern given to the church by Willim III [6,5 x7,5 cm]
  • The church and its picturesque surroundings

1607- 1907 : The English Reformed Church at Amsterdam which yesterday celebrated the three-hundred anniversary of its opening [13 x17 cm]

25 februari 

  • The Hook of Holland disaster : General view of the wreck and one of the attempts to reach it ( From sketches by our Special Artist- Correspondent*) [25 x 14,5 cm]
  • Identifying the dead: The recovered bodies of the Berlin victims laid out in the chapelle ardente in the yard of the Holland-America Line, at the Hook of Holland ( From a sketch by our Special Artist-Correspondent*)

[26 x15 cm]

27 februari

How the first survivors were saved by the four pilot apprentices ( Sketched by our Special Artist*) [19,5 x 15 cm]


-The first to aid the Berlin`s passengers : Apprentice pilot Klaas Ree, who first jumped on the pier from a small boat. [13 x20 cm]

7 maart

The Heroes of the Hook: Prince Henry of the Netherlands distributing Queen Wilhelmina`s medals to the rescuers of the Berlin survivors on board the tug from which he assisted in the work of the rescue ( Sketched by our Special Artist-Correspondent*) [19,5 x 22 cm]yeomen


Met * wordt Jan Hoynck van Papendrecht bedoeld

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